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Nehanda TV Meets President Tsvangirai

MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai's television interview with Nehanda TV managing editor, Lance Guma, in Birmingham at the weekend.

The interview was part of a successful string of engagements which, as this interview also does, gave the President a chance to address a lot of misconceptions about him and about the MDC-T.

It is very sad that for the former Prime Minister had to come all the way to the UK just to be afforded an opportunity to explain his vision and the state of the party, which is important to Zimbabweans, yet we have a whole gamut of TV stations in Zimbabwe that spend the whole day doing Hondo Yeminda. More to come.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 July 2014 09:47

Tsvangirai Address To UK Structures

The MDC will approach the Constitutional Court to force the government to comply with provisions for free and fair elections which are already in the Constitution to ensure that the next election will be transparent.

This is just some of the pressure that the party intends to put on Zanu (PF) while at the same time engaging the whole spectrum of Zimbabwean society, including Zanu (PF), in a national dialogue on the on-going economic crisis.

But, said MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai on Saturday, his priority was now on strengthening the party following the departure of secretary general Tendai Biti and some other members, which he insisted should not be called a split.

In a speech to UK-based activists in Birmingham, Tsvangirai, said Mosiuoa Lekota and some ANC officials left the ANC and formed COPE; Julius Malema and others left the ANC and formed Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), but you don't hear people saying that the ANC had split

More Pics to come

Last Updated on Monday, 28 July 2014 12:44

China, West New Scramble for Africa

Decades after the European powers carved up the African continent for their own imperial needs, Africa is undergoing a new wave of resource and strategic exploitation – some are calling it the new scramble for Africa.

The United States is increasing its footprint across Africa with AFRICOM, fighting terrorism and ensuring stability are the trumpeted motivations. Resource security is a more hushed objective. But it is not just about the US.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 July 2014 20:36

Tsvangirai UK Trip: Spinning The Spin

TsvangiCFR2The Herald has given MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai's UK visit a lot of the publicity that it needed and revealed Tsvangirai as a global leader who is not only invited to global policy forums, but also holds high level meetings with "senior members of the British political establishment" to use the Herald's words.

The Herald's chosen leader is instead excluded from such forums. As for the newspaper editors' comments about the MDC-T's solvency or otherwise, they should know better - that the broke Zanu (PF) govenment is not paying monies owed to political parties under the Political Parties Fince Act - though it can afford to buy its MPs $38 000 vehicles.

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 July 2014 09:07

Tsvangirai Wants International Engagement, Unconditional Dialogue

MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai laid out his case for an internationally brokered national dialogue to avert the national crisis threatening Zimbabwe, and publicly rejected any attempts to make negotiations with Zanu (PF) conditional on him accepting the results of the fraudulent July 31 election.

A genuine and well-meaning national conversation should not be handcuffed by subjective and self-serving conditions that demean the people of Zimbabwe who know the truth of what happened in the last election, he said.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 July 2014 07:11

All Set For Birmingham Rally, Dinner

Team1All set... MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai with his UK team members Dereck Tafuma and Jonathan Chawora and his spokesman Luke Tamborinyika in London last night.

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 July 2014 21:48
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